If you wish to pay with cash/check, click here and print the document. Checks can be made out to GC Band Boosters. Use the button below to pay with PayPal.

GC Band Boosters is a 501-c-3 Organization

A simple tax-deductable donation will make you a member of the crescendo club.
We appreciate EVERY level of sponsorship and look forward to recognizing your contributions!

There is a level for everyone to support GC Band & Guard programs! Every level makes a difference.

Eigth Note Sponsor

$10 - $99

Quarter Note Sponsor

$100 - $499

Half Note Sponsor

$500 - $999

Whole Note Sponsor

$1000 - $2499

Blue and Gold Sponsor


The fermata sponsor level is a three year commitment at a half, whole, or blue and gold level. Your name/business will be added at the next labeling.

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